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Along with No Running or No Diving Allowed signs posted, electrical pool safety considerations are essential for a happy poolside experience. The National Electrical Code has an entire chapter dedicated to pool and spa safety and all precautions should be observed to keep your family and friends safe while enjoying your pool or spa.


Electrical considerations when planning for a pool installation:

Grounding: Are all pool pump motors accessible and properly grounded? Has a disconnecting means for pool equipment been properly located? Are all fixed metal parts within vicinity of pool water edge properly grounded?

Are all motor feeder sizes and disconnecting means properly sized?


Have you considered the location of Control Panels or Remote Controls of Pool and Spa functions? Many new Control Panels offer you the luxury of controlling all functions of your pool system from a keypad or iPad from inside your home giving you the flexibility to control the heater, light levels, pump power setting, pump speed, and the motorized valves of the plumbing system.


What type of lighting will be used? Conventional, Fiber Optic or LED Lighting?


Why Fiber Optic or LED Lighting is a safe option for lighting in pools and spas


Everyone knows that electricity and water don’t play well together, especially when you are sitting in your pool or spa. With LED lighting there is never a chance of an electric shock, or worse electrocution, because there is no electrical wiring near the water. Nifty options include changing colors and remote control of your fiber optic or LED lighting.


Spa Wiring Solutions


Having a Spa is like having a year-round vacation in your own backyard. It is a place to escape the cares of the day and spend some quiet time alone or with family and friends. You want to be sure that your new spa is installed and wired correctly.


Many Do-It-Yourselfer Spa owners undersize the feeder wires or the breaker required to safely operate their new spa. Typically a new spa requires a 50 AMP dedicated breaker located within sight of the spa, and a #6 AWG wire to feed it.  When you hire a qualified Big Island Electric technician to connect your Spa, one that is licensed, and insured, you are assured that it meets current electrical safety standards. You can enjoy your Spa with the knowledge and peace of mind that you and your loved ones are SAFE from electrical hazards.


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