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Commercial Pool and Spa Electrical Contractor


A commercial or public pool or spa may be defined as one that is used by the public, be it members of club, HOA or Condominium Association, medical facility or school. Specialized equipment, design, and maintenance standards are mandatory for commercial pools; as well as special safety equipment and requirements. Public swimming pools are usually operated by government agencies and are under constant scrutiny by health regulatory agencies.


Commercial Pools Types:


Swimming pools are classified in most states from public to private pools


Private swimming pools are maintained by homeowners or residential establishments for the use of family and personal friends.

Semi-public swimming pools are operated by a private entity, a business or an organization. It has restricted number of users. These pools are generally found in medical facilities, hotels and motels, condominium complexes, or private or athletic clubs.


Commercial or public pools are operated by government agencies such as communities and schools. Pools in this category are generally larger in size and volume than private pools. Competitive swimming pools, for example, are usually 50 meters in length by 23 meters in width.


We have experience installing pool electrical equipment for all types of pools and we are familiar with the state and local jurisdiction pool safety codes. Please call us if you have a pool project, and we would be happy to help.


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