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Commercial Surge Protection


Commercial Surge Protection keeps your business safe from equipment failure. Electrical transient surges are bursts of energy which are induced upon data, communication, and power lines. They can have extremely high voltages which drive huge amount of current into electrical lines for seconds. They can originate from lightning, utility switching, or internal load switching to name a few.


A typical surge can deliver up to 1,000 volts via cable, wire, or line connecting your equipment with the world. Electrical items such as computers, phones, and laptops are made to handle mere 120 volts, but sudden increase in power can disturb business computers, destroy circuits, and delete data. For a commercial business this means loss, because you have to replace equipment. In worse case, entire electrical system can be destroyed.


Big Island Electric has solutions to meet your surge protection needs.  Surge suppressors help reduce costly downtime and protect sensitive electronic equipment against the damaging effects of transient voltages.


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