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Outdoor & Security Lighting

Outdoor Security Lighting from H.O. Services creates a safer environment for your home or business. Sleep easier with the help of this full-service, turnkey program that provides complete outdoor lighting systems for commercial, residential homeowners.

Better Security by Design

Let us help you create a lighting system that meets all your needs. One of our H.O. Services service technicians will visit your property to design a lighting plan tailored to your requests. Lights can be installed on existing utility poles or on specially placed poles based on the necessary level of lighting.

Homeowners can benefit from a lighting security system that can detect and recognize movement in an otherwise overlooked and dark area. In addition to the position of the security lights, controlling glare is a major consideration. This is crucial because homeowners who can see the criminal can possibly provide authorities with descriptions, information, and other valuable clues.

Effective Outdoor Lighting

The guidelines listed below will help you ensure that your outdoor lighting does the job it is intended to do without causing reduced visibility for passing motorists, light trespassing (spilling of light into areas where it is not wanted or intended) and energy waste. You'll also help preserve the stunning view of the night sky. Lighting installed for walkways and driveways should be directed downward.

  • Accent lighting should illuminate only the intended objects.
  • Use timers, photo cells and motion detectors to automatically turn lights on and off.
  • Use energy efficient bulbs.